BSS Instructions for Notes on Planting Plan Sheets

Revised on 10-27-2022

Final determination of tree planting locations is subject to approval by Bureau of Street Services, Urban Forestry Division (BSS/UFD). Urban Forestry Division accepts no responsibility for any purchasing and/or delivery arrangements and shall reject any trees failing to meet the specifications set forth in the Urban Tree Foundation's Guidelines Specifications for Nursery Tree Quality.

Contractor Responsibilities

  1. Contractor is responsible for all permit requirements or fees.
  2. Contractor shall provide plans identifying all existing and proposed tree locations to BSS/UFD upon request.
  3. Contractor shall contact Urban Forestry Division (213) 847-3077 at least five (5)
    working days prior to:
    1. sidewalk construction/concrete pouring for inspection, marking, and verification of tree planting      locations, and
    2. tree delivery to schedule with the BSS/UFD inspector for tree inspection and tagging. No tree shall be planted without first being inspected and accepted (tagged) by the BSS/UFD inspector.
  4. Contractor shall verify that the delivered trees are the proper species as approved by BSS/UFD.
  5. Contractor shall ensure all street trees meet the criteria of good quality tree stock set forth by the Urban Tree Foundation's for nursery tree quality.