General Provisions

The on-line Development Services Procedures Manual (DSPM), created by the Bureau of Engineering (BOE), was prepared as a reference and training guide for all BOE staff. No legal liability toward the public is created or implied by this publication; the Manual is not to be interpreted as establishing legal standards.  This manual is available to all staff via the City’s Intranet site.


purposeThe DSPM summarizes and outlines the Development Services Program’s policy, practice, and procedures that are designed to increase efficiency of BOE operations. The Manual will inform and instruct staff about standards, processes, and procedures.  The DSPM should encourage consistency in work between District Offices and increase efficiency in permit processing.


ScopeThe DSPM will cover all phases of work in providing Development Services.  The intent of this manual is to provide as many different aspects of work covered by BOE as it relates to Development Services.  However, it is not practical to include each minute activity or to cover all operations in great detail; therefore, engineering and administrative knowledge are required in conjunction with use of the Manual.

This Manual is a guide, and it is not a substitute for professional experience.  Sound judgment must be exercised in the application of Manual provisions to specific circumstances. For routine operations and for procedures which should be normalized, the Manual instructions shall be the standard across all District Offices of the Bureau (Central, Valley, West LA and Harbor). The contents of this Manual do not preclude the use of different methods when special or emergency conditions warrant and when authorized by responsible supervision.

Revision Process 

Because this is a living document, this document must be updated on a regular and consistent basis.  Monthly, changes that will be reviewed include, but are not limited to:

  • Federal Regulations
  • State Regulations
  • Municipal Code Amendments
  • Mayor’s Directives
  • City Council Actions
  • Board of Public Works Motions
  • City Engineer Special Orders (policy/procedures)
  • Division/District (D2) policy changes (policy/procedures)

On-Line Updating Procedures

 online updating proceduresThis will be written as soon as the new system is up and running and Monika can take screen shots, etc.

Anyone wishing to make comments and/or changes to this document should either email their request to or by submitting your comments on the Bureau’s DSPM Intranet Site.

All requested changes will be vetted or decided by the Division/District (D2) Team.  Any changes will make reference to what has been added, deleted, or changed. 

Manual Organization

The on-line DSPM will be organized as follows and will be subdivided into chapters, which will be further divided into logical groupings and sub-topics.

Development Services Manual

  1. General Provisions 
  2. Administrative Requirements
    • Public Way Reservation System
    • Cash Register
    • Public Counter Conduct
    • Claim for Refund 
    • City Attorney Requests
    • Peak Hour Exemption
    • Street Moratoriums (Holidays and Council Authorized Special Occasions)
  3. Bonds
  4. Construction A Permits
  5. Construction B Permits
  6. Excavation E Permits
  7. Excavation U Permits
  8. Above Ground Facility (AGF) Applications
  9. Maintenance Hole “MH” Permits
  10. Revocable “R” Permits
  11. Water Course Disruption “W” Permits
  12. Sewer/Storm Drain “S” “SD” Permits
  13. Other Special Permits
    • Private Line Franchises
    • Building Materials Permit (collection of fees)
  14. Case Management
    • Planning Case Referral Form
  15. Building & Safety Permit Clearances/Conditions
    • Highway Dedication
    • Automated Certificate of Occupancy System (ACOS)
    • Planning Case Information System (PCIS)
    • Hillside Ordinance
    • Roof Site Drainage
    • Lateral Support Encroachment Review
    • Driveways
    • Form 9
  16. Street Addresses
  17. Land Development

Many of the above sections will reference other City guidelines, standards, and procedures such as the numerous technical and administrative standard manuals (i.e., Street Design, Office Guide, Survey, etc.).