Frequently Asked Questions – Water Course Disruption Permits

Revised on 06-29-2021


How do I obtain additional information or contact the City?

BOE has an on-line Customer Service Request (CSR) Portal that allows members of the public to request additional information about processes and procedures as well as discuss permit related issues with BOE staff.  Instructions on how to use the CSR Portal can be found in this manual under Customer Service Request (CSR) Portal.

How long does it take to process a Water Course Disruption Permit? 

The time it takes to process a Water Course Disruption Permit will vary due to the scope, complexity of the proposed work, and responsiveness of the applicant and/or environmental regulatory agencies. The time frame can vary from two weeks to six months. 

How long is a Water Course Disruption Permit valid? 

A Water Course Disruption Permit is valid forever provided no changes are made to the original scope of work that was approved. It does not expire.  

What do you do if you need to revise a Water Course Disruption Permit? 

If you need to revise work that was approved by a previously issued Water Course Disruption Permit, you need to submit a new Water Course Disruption Permit application.

What is a violation within a water course? 

A violation occurs when a water course is obstructed, blocked, or work is performed within the water course limits without having obtained a Water Course Disruption Permit. 

Who or how will violations be dealt with? 

The Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) and/or Bureau of Street Services (BSS) will be contacted to request an inspector to cite the property owner.

What if I have a question or issue with an application I have submitted?

All permit related questions can now be submitted through BOE's Customer Service Portal and then click "Use Service Request" under the Watercourse (W) Permit box and then add a "New Request".  

How will I know if my project is in or near a Water Course?

Applicants so go to NavigateLA and look up the address is question.  Once the address has been located, open the Table of Contents menu and search for watercourse in the "Filter Layers' search box.   Click on all the boxes with the word "watercourse" and they will automatically appear.  If your project is located on one of the cyan lines or close to one of the cyan lines, you will need to reach out to the local District office for a Water Course Permit review.  This request can be made through BOE's Customer Service Portal as well.