08 - Planning Case Referral Form (PCRF)

Revised on 07-16-2020


City Planning requires a PCRF for all Master Land Use Applications not filed as subdivisions that meet the criteria listed below.  PCRF can be requested by anyone, whether or not a project exists, or whether a Planning case has been filed for a particular parcel.  Additional information about PCRF's can also be found the City Planning website.

  1. New construction, or floor area additions to buildings used for commercial or industrial purposes in any zone, including mixed-use projects with a commercial or industrial component and associated building/surfaces parking facilities in any zone
  2. New construction of, alteration, and/or addition resulting in additional dwelling units for multifamily residential buildings (resulting in two or more dwelling units) in any zone.
  3. If the application is a zone change, public benefit alternative compliance, density bonus off-menu, conditional use for greater than 35% density bonus, zone variance or small lot subdivision request and/or if the site is located in a Specific Plan or Overlay Zone (e.g. CDO/DRB/POD/NOD/CPIO/SN etc.).
  4. The PCRF is not required for projects located in the  Hillside Area and/or Baseline Hillside Ordinance area per LAMC 12.21.A.17 - General Provisions, Use, One-Family Dwellings, Accessory Buildings and Additions.  Hillside Regulations (Hillside Referral Form is required).   

A City Engineer’s Land Use Report supersedes and is required to establish final conditions for which a PCRF has been prepared and which requires establishment of conditions for the approval of a Master Land Use Application.  A PCRF expires after two (2) years.

New Checklist is pending.

Investigating, Preparing and Completing the Planning Case Referral Form

PCRF is an electronic, web based application and can be accessed by anyone via the internet at:

  • Public Site - https://engpermits.lacity.org/pcrf/
  • BOE Site - https://engpermits.lacity.org/pcrf/boe.htm.  

BOE staff can login and either process ‘Unprocessed” requests or submit PCRF requests on behalf of customers at the counters.  Proof of Payment of PCRF fee is required prior to the review and/or in conjunction with submittal at the public counters. A  ZIMAS map identifying all parcels associated with the review is required.


Public Counter Acceptance of Planning Case Referral Form