04g - Subdivision Bond Requirements

Revised on 02-25-2020

The documents requested here by LGD are all SUBDIVISION bonds.

  • PRINT the list.
  • Go to the DATE REQUESTED column.
  • Check for the most recent date.
  • Click the Bond Ref No.
  • View the approved bond document.
    • If the approved bond document has the signature of JC, there is no need to send bond document to LGD.
    • For other signatures shown on the approved bond document,
      • LOCATE the hard copy of the bond.
      • Prepare and print the UPS shipment form (see separate instructions).
  • Go back to Review Bond.
  • Scroll down to Request Original Bond Documents.
  • Go to Date Documents Sent.
    • ENTER date.
  • Go to the UPS Store on Van Nuys Bl. and give the bond document with the shipment form for mailing. (Be safe when crossing the danger zone)