Procedure for Entering MapNotes

Revised on 10-08-2021

MapNotes are a tool within the NavigateLA that allows BOE staff to leave comments/notes related to any subject property.  

Once BOE staff are logged into NavigateLA, they will be able to click on the MapNotes Icon (photo) (re-login may be required and BOE staff may have to use the District login at this point) and the MapNotes tool bar will appear.  MapNotes should be placed as close as possible to the location being discussed.  MapNotes are not visible unless a BOE staff member is logged in.

  1. BOE staff to select the appropriate tool from the MapNotes Tool BarMapNotes Icon on Main Page
    1. Add Point - Used when staff for minor comments
      1. Attachments:  BOE staff can add any document, photo, or relevant file to the MapNote
      2. Description:  BOE Staff to add a detailed description of why the note is being entered.  Information entered should factual and useful to others in the future 
      3. Reference Location:  This is the true actual address of the property.  This could also identify the cross streets if applicable
      4. Category:  BOE to select the most appropriate category from the drop down list
      5. Reference:  First and last name of the person entering the MapNoteMapNotes Toolbar
      6. Status:  BOE to select the most appropriate category from the drop down list
    2. Add Polyline - Used primarily when large areas are being referenced or a larger portion of work is to be completed
    3. All Freehand Polyline:  Generally not used
    4. Draw Box: Generally used by "B" Permits to show a smaller area that may also include area outside the property line
    5. Add Polygon: Used to cover an entire property
    6. Add Freehand Polygon:  Used to encompass an entire property or encompass a long liner portion of a street
    7. Edit MapNote Markup:  BOE Staff