Frequently Asked Questions - Revocable “R” Permit

Revised on 05-24-2024

How do I obtain additional information or contact the City?

BOE has an on-line Customer Service Request (CSR) Portal (located in the Customer Portal) that allows members of the public to request additional information about processes and procedures as well as discuss permit related issues with BOE staff.  Instructions on how to use the CSR Portal can be found in this manual under Customer Service Request (CSR) Portal.

How long is the “R” Permit valid?

“R” Permits are valid indefinitely, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the permit.  The “R” Permit remains valid as long as all conditions of approval are complied with, including maintenance.

When does the “R” Permit expire?

“R” Permits do not expire as long as the terms and conditions are met. Even if the property is sold, the “R” Permit continues to be valid as long as its terms and conditions are met.

What happens to the "R" Permit if the property is sold?

If the property is sold, the “R” Permit continues to be valid as long as its terms and conditions are met. The Waiver of Damages associated with the “R” Permit would be shown on a title report during the sale of a property. The new property owner would need to apply for a new "R" Permit and pay for the Tier 1 fee (if there are no changes to the items being approved) to ensure that the insurance requirements are recorded with the City.

How will the City determine if a project is being performed diligently?

  1. Once a project begins, work must continue on a daily basis, except for weekends, holidays, inclement weather or labor disputes.
  2. Once a project begins, the work must continue uninterrupted until such work no longer affects public convenience, health, or safety.
  3. The Permittee is responsible for confirming all necessary materials and supplies are on hand and ready for use so as not to delay the project.

How does the City determine if an Applicant is diligently fulfilling “R” Permit conditions of approval?

The Permittee is normally given 180 days to fulfill “R” Permit conditions, once they are established. Extensions are granted when requested and warranted.  Normally, one, 180-day extension is granted by the District Engineer. If the conditions of approval are not fulfilled within this timeframe, the Applicant must reapply.

What happens when work needs to be done on an area that has an existing "R" Permit?

The "R" Permit continues to be valid for as long as the terms and conditions are met. Obtaining a construction permit to disturb the area that an existing "R" Permit is located would not nullify the "R" Permit nor require the applicant to reapply for the "R" Permit.

How do I record a Waiver of Damages form?

BOE staff will complete the Waiver of Damages form for an R-Permit Applicant.  The Applicant is responsible for taking the Waiver of Damages and appropriate additional sheet(s) (Corporation or Private) for completion by a notary.  Once notarized, Applicant should take the form to the County Recorder , pay the recording fee, and have the Waiver recorded. The County Recorder will retain the original and provide the Applicant with a certified copy of the recorded document.  The Applicant will then return the stamped certified copy of the document to the BOE office at which the R-Permit request was filed.

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