LAMC12.03 - Outdoor Eating Area

Revised on 05-05-2020

Chapter 1, Article 2, Specific Planning – Zoning, Comprehensive Zoning Plan

LAMC12.03 - OUTDOOR EATING AREA.  When used in Sections 12.12.2, 12.13, 12.14, 12.21.1 and 12.24, this term shall refer to a covered or uncovered portion of a ground floor restaurant which is not completely enclosed within the building; is used primarily for the consumption of food and/or drinks by the patrons of the restaurant; and is not larger than 50 percent of the dining area of the ground floor restaurant. A “ground floor” restaurant refers to any restaurant with an average finished floor elevation either below or not more than three feet above natural grade as measured from any point along the exterior building wall closest to the restaurant.  (Amended by Ord. No. 165,403, Eff. 2/17/90.)