4 - SD-Permit – Standard and Associated Fees

Revised on 02-03-2021


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LAMC 64.15 - Permit and Inspection Fees, states that an Applicant shall pay to BOE all applicable fees at the time of permit issuance.

The BOE Standard Fee List, at a minimum, is reviewed on an annual basis.   Click here for the most current version of the City’s Standard Fee List.



After the SD-Permit is issued and before start of any work, a request for inspection by BCA must be made.  Inspection fees are charged to pay for Hard hat graphicconstruction inspection work conducted by the Bureau of Contract Administration (BCA). 

Inspection Fees, at a minimum, are reviewed on an annual basis.   Click here for the most current version of the City’s Standard Fee List.

Inspection fees are charge by the linear foot and by the number of trips made, if necessary. 



In addition, where BOE determines that a project requires more engineering or inspection than are funded by the fee imposed, BOE shall charge and collect Special Engineering Charges pursuant to the provisions of LAMC Section 61.14 – Special Engineering Fees and LAMC Section 61.15 – Actual Cost Special Engineering Services.



SDRF Fee (As Applicable)

Per LAMC 62.06 a Street Damage Restoration Fee (SDRF) or Slurry Seal Damage Restoration Fee (SSDRF) can be charged as part of the Sewer Permit. 

Fees for SDRF are charged based on classification of the roadway (Major or Local) and how long ago the street was resurfaced or reconstructed.

Transportation Construction Traffic Management Committee (TCTMC) Fees (As Applicable)

Per LAMC 62.250.F a Transportation Construction Traffic Management Committee (TCTMC) Fee can be charged as part of the Sewer Permit if work within a public street  or alley is performed in a Major Transit and Construction Construction Impact Area. 

The TCTMC fee is based on the reduction in delineated traffic lanes, the number of daylight weekdays when the reduction occurs, the number of City blocks impacted by lane reductions, and a unit fee to be applied to these factors.  Daylight weekdays are work on Monday through Friday excluding holidays, between the hours of 5:30 AM and 7:00 PM inclusive. 

Fees collected shall be kept in a separate account and shall be used to defray the costs of the various departments and bureaus involved in administering the provisions of this Ordinance.