3 - Cancellations and Refunds

Revised on 02-20-2020


AGF Graphic of a bookmarkInstallations have work orders under an Excavation U or Excavation E and R Permit and can only be cancelled by going through the process of cancelling the respective Excavation U or Excavation E and R Permit or if construction does not start within 6-months from issuance.  The following are the general guidelines for each permit.

City staff would request the Applicant to formally cancel the application in writing.  Once written notification is received, City staff would close the work order but submitting the work order closure request.  Any monies owed would be refunded. 

Once the work order is closed/cancelled City staff would update the information in the Excavation U Permit database as well as the Access database on the Q drive located in the Central District office.  The information should include the date of cancellation and reason.  A copy of all the documents received on the application are then filed. 



Graphic of dollar billsThe AGF Application is an “actual cost” application.  If an application is withdrawn or cancelled, any unused monies would be refunded to the Applicant minus any fees to cover City staff time.  Since the AGF Application accompanies another construction type permit, this refund only applies to the AGF Application.