4 - Fees for AGF Installations

Revised on 07-12-2023

The following are only the charges that are part of processing the AGF Installation application.  Additional fees will be charged for the Excavation “E” and R Permit and Excavation “U” as shown in the most current version of the City’s Standard Fee List is located at the BOE website under Permits (https://engineering.lacity.gov/permits).  


A deposit in the amount of $1,000 per AGF installation shall be made by the applicant to cover the cost of processing AGF permits prior to the start of permit processing. BOE staff shall create a Work Order and credit the deposit amount to the Work Order. If charges by City Staff (BOE, BCA, BSS, etc.) exceed the deposit amount, the applicant shall deposit additional funds to continue permit processing.  City staff time used to process permit applications containing AGF installations, variance requests, and AGF mapping shall be charged to the AGF applicant Work Order.



Due to the additional time and effort required to review a hardship waiver request, an additional $1,000 deposit shall be submitted for each hardship waiver.

The provisions of this section requiring installation of an AGF below grade may only be waived if the Board finds that a hardship would result from the imposition of this requirement. A hardship occurs when placing the AGF below grade is technically or financially infeasible and all reasonable alternatives have been exhausted. The Bureau of Engineering shall process a request for a hardship waiver in an AGF application within 60 days of submission. The 60-day process deadline shall commence when the Bureau of Engineering verifies the AGF application (including the hardship waiver request) is accurate and complete.

If a proposed AGF installation is located within a SP, HPOZ, POD or CDO that includes an applicable Design Review Board, the AGF applicant shall first submit a request to the City of Los Angeles Planning Department for recommendation on the proposed AGF installation. The Planning Department recommendation shall be based on the recommendations or comments of the applicable Design Review Board or HPOZ Board,  and must be obtained prior to submittal of the AGF application with a hardship waiver request to BOE.

Report on Hardship Waiver Request: The Bureau of Engineering shall prepare a written report regarding the application for a hardship waiver for consideration by the Board. The report shall include all of the following:

  1. If the AGF applicant alleges technical infeasibility as a basis for a hardship waiver, a report prepared by the AGF applicant detailing the technical infeasibility of complying with the below grade requirement of this section.
  2. If the AGF applicant alleges financial infeasibility as a basis for a hardship waiver, a report prepared by the AGF applicant detailing the financial infeasibility of complying with the below grade requirement of this section, including details on the estimated comparative cost of constructing the AGF above ground and below grade, and the expected return on investment or cost recovery time for the AGF.
  3. A detailed summary documenting any comments received by the Bureau of Engineering from any party notified about the AGF application pursuant to Subsection VII.D.
  4. A report prepared by the AGF applicant containing evidence of the investigation of any reasonable technological or site alternative, including a location on private property as well as any other location in the Public Right-of-Way, and justification for not selecting any alternative. At least two private property alternatives must be documented to satisfy this requirement.
  5. A report prepared by the AGF applicant demonstrating that the proposed AGF satisfies the camouflage requirement of Subsection I.B.
  6. A statement by Bureau of Engineering that the AGF applicant has completed all other requirements of this section, including copies of any report or comment from the Planning Department.

Above Ground Allowance: The AGF may be located above surrounding grade in the Public Right-of-Way in any location not falling under the restrictions of Subsection I .A. Any AGF application for a location outside the below grade areas in Subsection 1.A shall be subject to all other applicable requirements of this section.