BSS Instructions for Notes on Irrigation Plan Sheets

Revised on 07-28-2023

For all projects that include irrigation within the public right of way, the following notes shall be included in the plans:

  1. All irrigation mainline shall be schedule 80 PVC, and all laterals/sleeves shall be schedule 40 PVC. Sleeves shall be 2x the size of the pipe being sleeved. All irrigation mainline and laterals shall be a minimum of ¾” size.
  2. Contractor shall pay for all permits and construction costs for the Department of Water and Power (DWP) to conduct any street work (trenching), mainline/sleeve installation in the street and sub-water meter installation and reduced pressure backflow preventer review. 
    1. Billing address must be provided when applying for installation of the sub-water meters.
    2. Contractor must file the application prior to start of construction.
    3. Contractor to contact the City in order to establish utility service and billing addresses.
    4. Utility service must be established prior to tree/shrub installations.
  3. The Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer, related equipment and irrigation controller shall be installed on private property.
  4. All irrigation equipment (for both concrete and landscape areas) shall be installed in traffic-rated concrete valve boxes with hinged metal lids.
    1. All valve box lids shall be embossed with the initials of its contents in min. 1-1/2” high letters: RCV, QCV, ARV, FV, etc.
    2. Irrigation equipment includes remote control valves, flush valves, air relief valves, quick couplers etc. 
  5. Location of Irrigation Mainlines and Laterals
    1. All irrigation mainlines within the public right of way shall be 24” below finish grade.
    2. All irrigation laterals within the public right of way shall be 12” below finish grade.
    3. Below vehicular access areas, irrigation mainlines within the public right of way shall be 36” below finish grade, sleeved. 
  6. All irrigation shall be pop-up spray/bubbler heads and/or sub-surface drip irrigation. No fixed risers are allowed within the public right of way. 
  7. Direct burial wire shall be #14 gauge and shall be placed at 24” below grade taped to mainline where applicable.
  8. All drip irrigation shall be subsurface type, a minimum of 4” to 6” below finish grade, not including mulch.