04c - Import / Export Payment Bond Processing

Revised on 06-17-2020

An Import/Export bond is required from a permittee to cover any road damage and/or street cleaning costs resulting from the hauling activity.  The following are the roles of the applicable bureau’s/departments.

  • BOE – Bond administration including processing, releasing, or defaulting the cash or surety bond
  • BSS – Collects fees, enforces the conditions, and determines when the bond can be released
  • DBS – Issues the grading permit for which the bond is securing
  • DOT – Determines the haul route
Governing Code(s)
  • LAMC 62.202 - Import and Export of Earth Materials – Bond Requirement
  • LAMC 62.201 - Import and Export of Earth Materials – Fees Required
Processing Procedures
  1. Receive Inter-Departmental Correspondence from Bureau of Street Services (BSS).

    Picture of a Inter-Departmental Correspondence letter for the Bureau of Street Services

    1. Create a file folder, label by address.
    2. Log-in project to database.
    3. Type the following information on the Bond Form.  Use small fonts if there are several routes. (Attachment VII-4)
    • Council District No.
    • Name and Address of Property Owner
    • Approved haul route information (i.e. Loaded, Unloaded, and Staging) from the BSS IDC.
    1. Contact applicant to pickup Bond Form and instruction sheet or mail to applicant.
    2. Keep a copy of Bond Form in file along with letter from BSS and file folder in cabinet marked - “Pending”
    3. BOE, Valley District Office will issue a “Certificate of Acceptance” letter to exonerate the bond.  File in project folder in cabinet marked - “Completed”.
  2. If there is a Cash Bond, the fund type is #4880.  Fill out form and give to cashier with form of payment.  (Yellow – Customer, Blue – Accounting, Pink – Valley District Bond Processing Group, White – File)
  3. Contact person from LADBS Haul Routes at 201 N. Figueroa, LA, CA
  4. Some Planning Documents, such as Tentative Tract Maps or Parcel Maps, have approved conditions for maintenance of haul route(s), therefore the applicant would come to the Valley District public counter for processing.  Follow steps above and include the following documents:
    1. Copy of Grant Deed
    2. Copy portion of Tentative Tract Map with reference to conditional haul route