01 - Eng Process Fee Ord 176,300

Revised on 06-22-2022

This process acknowledges the allowable fee to be collected by BOE from a building permit applicant for processing clearance(s) for LA Department of Building and Safety's (LADBS) issued permits.  This fee is authorized under LAMC 61.10 - Engineering Processing Fees.  Other municipal code(s) applicable include:

  • LAMC 12.03 - Definitions
    Hillside Area - Any land designated as Hillside Area as shown in the shaded portion of the Department of City Planning Hillside Area Map, dated September 23, 2009, attached to Council File No. 09-1390.  The map is maintained by the Department of City Planning as part of the Geographic Information Systems database.  (Amended by Ord. No. 181,128, Eff. 5/3/10.)

Note: BOE created the Customer Service Request (CSR) Portal (located in the Customer Portal) to allow members of the public to make contact with City Staff for questions and/or assistance on any permit or development services related matter.  This includes requesting clearances for building permits.

Processing the BOE Clearance for Eng Process Fee Ord 176,300

The following is the process of updating Eng Process Fee Ord 176,300 clearance PCIS Screen Shot of Clearance - Engineering Fee Ordinancestatus on the Clearance Summary Worksheet.  This process is done through LADBS Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) under the module called "Clearances".

BOE staff should verify the following:

  1. Go to NavigateLA and search for the street address 
    1. Confirm whether or not the property is part of a Hillside Area (there will be a Hillside Referral Report (BAS) link in the "Available Parcel Reports" window) 
  2. BOE staff to collect the appropriate fee (Hillside Area or non Hillside Area).  This is a per application fee, not per Clearance fee
  3. BOE staff to login to PCIS and complete the following ( additional instructions can also be found in the "Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) Usage document in this manual.
    1. Click the "Clearance" module button
    2. Enter the Application number in the "Application #" field
    3. Click the "Agency Specific Search" button
    4. Confirm Eng Process Fee Ord 176,300 is listed in the Condition / Clearance Name field
    5. Click the "Comment" box in the upper right side on the screen
      1. Insert the amount that was paid by the applicant and whether or not the fees were paid (Applicant has the option to not pay at this time)
    6. Change status to one of the following based on the description of work proposed:
      1. Pending - Used if the applicant doe not pay
      2. Denied - Not used
      3. Approved - Used the Applicant pay the appropriate fees
      4. Approved with Conditions - Not used
      5. Approved for Drainage - Not used
      6. Exempt - Not used
      7. Not Required - Not used
    7. Click "Save Status" (if this is not clicked, the worksheet will not save)