00 - Clearance Summary Worksheet for Building Permit Application Clearances

Revised on 10-02-2023

Clearance Summary Worksheet Screen ShotIn order to provide clearance(s) of public works requirements for a Building & Safety Permit Application, BOE staff are required to complete the Clearance Summary Worksheet in the LADBS, PCIS "Clearance" Module.  The approval of access to public streets and other public works clearances is a preliminary requirement on all building permit applications. These approvals nearly always result in the subsequent issuance of permits (A, B, S, SD, R, and E) to allow for placement or construction within the public right of way.   

Instructions on how to update the status of a  specific Condition/Clearance on Building and Safety's Clearance Summary Worksheet can be found in Building & Safety Clearances, Technical Procedures, Clearance Summary Worksheet Clearances.

BOE staff will be responsible for reviewing applicable items on the Clearance Summary Worksheet and Building Permit Application, verify requirements for the item have been met, then documenting these approvals in PCIS.  When information provided on the building permit application is inadequate for approval, BOE would not approve the clearance and the Applicant would be required to return to the Department of Building and Safety with the request to furnish the needed information.  If any of the required items cannot be cleared, the Applicant shall be advised the requirements pertaining to that clearance may necessitate changes in design and/or building layout.  If additional Public Works clearances are required, BOE would contact LADBS and ask the assigned Plan Checker to add the clearance to the system by completing the Add or Delete Clearance PCIS Form. 

The following is a list of building permit clearance items that BOE could be asked to clear as well as the permits BOE may require the Applicant to obtain in order to satisfy the requirements.  These items are also referenced in the Building & Safety Clearance Handbook. 

NOTE:  If in the description of the project there is ONLY a reference to "early start construction of foundation/pedestal", BOE staff shall follow documented procedures for 21-Work Adjacent to Public Way (lateral support), 10-Eng Process Fee Ord 176,300, and 12-Highway Dedication.

  1. Community Plan Implem. Overlay:  Compliance with BOE requirements in CPIO (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  2. Address Approval:  Address approval for residential addition /alteration creating additional unit(s)  (Clearance Summary Worksheet)
  3. Address Approval:  New or unrecognized address  (Clearance Summary Worksheet)
  4. BHO/Hillside Ordinance:  Acknowledge sewer connection availability for dwellings on lots located within 200 feet or less of an available sewer mainline, per Hillside Ord. (LAMC 12.21.A.17.(g) or LAMC 12.21.C.10.(j)) (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  5. BHO/Hillside Ordinance:  Acknowledge streets along lot frontage(s) are minimum 20-ft wide, or if not, that the improvements have been guaranteed (B-permit) or ZA approval obtained (LAMC 12.24X21 or X28) (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  6. BHO/Hillside ordinance:  Identify street classification (Standard or Substandard) and improvement/dedication required per Hillside Ord. (LAMC 12.21.A.17.(e) or LAMC 12.21C.10(i)) (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  7. Bicycle Parking:  Bicycle parking spaces in the public right-of-way  (Clearance Summary Worksheet)
  8. Drainage to Storm Drain:  Site drainage to a storm drain easement   (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  9. Encroachment in Public Way:  Encroachment in Public Way  (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  10. Eng Process Fee Ord 176,300:  The fee authorized by Ord. 176,300 for PW/Eng to process clearance(s) for LADBS issued permits  (Clearance Summary Worksheet)
  11. Flood Clearance:  New/significant improvement for flood zones A, AR, V1-V30, AO(AF) and A1-A3(FW)-(Call CRS Coord (213) 485-4820. Appointment is required. Call first.) (Clearance Summary Worksheet (handled by Streets and Storm Drains and ACOS (handled by Bureau of Sanitation)
  12. Highway Dedication:  Lot subject to highway dedication. NOTE: This sign-off is not to be construed as a sign-off on any engineering requirements associated with any planning/discretionary action. This is strictly a sign-off application to LAMC 12.37 only.  (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  13. Marquee Approval:  Board of Public Works approval for construction of a marquee  (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  14. Miscellaneous:  Approval for:  (Clearance Summary Worksheet and possibly ACOS)
  15. Miscellaneous:  Early construction for small lot subdivision. (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  16. Permit:  Permit for construction of driveway/curb ramps/sidewalks  (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  17. Roof/Waste Drainage to Street:  Roof and/or site drainage to street  (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  18. Sewer availability:  Sewer availability and connection (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  19. Street Width Determination:  Verify street width meets current standards per 12.37 H for 2nd unit in zone allowing single family dwelling only (Not Used)
  20. Watercourse:  Construction within natural watercourse (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)
  21. Work Adjacent to Public Way:  Work adjacent to or Removal of Lateral Support of Public Way (Clearance Summary Worksheet and ACOS)

Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) Usage

PCIS Screen Shot of Home PageThe following are the instructions BOE staff would use in order to login to PCIS.  More specific instructions for processing individual Clearances can be found within Building & Safety Clearances, Technical Procedures, Clearance Summary Worksheet Clearances in the DSPM.

  1. Log into PCIS with your user name and password
  2. Click "Clearances" from the list of Modules on the left
  3. Click "Disposition" from the Issuance and Disposition Box on the left side.
  4. BOE to enter the Permit Application # from the Clearance Summary Worksheet in the "Application #" field.  Applicant may also provide the Building Permit Application number.
    1. PCIS Screen Shot of Clearance Module Home PageIf the Applicant does not have the Building Permit Application number, BOE staff will click on the "Situs Addr" button in the Application Information box in order to look up the number by property address.  Applicant will also need to tell BOE staff what work is being performed to make searching easier.  Clicking "Search" before finishing any of the steps below is allowable.
      1. Addr Range Start - Frac:  Enter the address number of the project.  If there is a fraction, BOE staff would enter this number in the box to the right.
      2. Dir:  Enter the direction number of the address if application
      3. Street Name:  Enter the name of the street
      4. Suffix:  Enter the street suffix (Dr, St, Blvd, etc) 
      5. Suffix Dir:  Enter the street suffix direction (N, S, W, W)
      6. Unit Range Start: Enter the unit number if applicable
      7. Unit Range End:  Enter the unit number at the end of range
      8. Zip Code:  Enter the zip code
    2. Click Search
    3. Select the appropriate Application # entry from the list generated in the purple box.  BOE Staff should look at the following to make an accurate selection:
      1. Prmt Type: BOE generally deal with the following permit types:
        • BN - Building, New 
        • BR - Building, Renovation
        • BA - Building, Addition
        • BD - Building, Demolition
        • BL - Building, Alteration/Repair
        • NN - Non-Building, New
        • NA - Non-Building, Addition
        • NL - Non-Building, Alteration/Repair
        • ND - Non-Building, Demolition
        • G - Grading
        • SP - Swimming-Pool/Spa
      2. Application #, First Block of the 5-digit Number:  The first two digits of the number represent the year the Building Permit Application was started and the last three represent the type of work being performed.
    4. PCIS Screen Shot of Clearance Agency Specific SearchClick "Ok" in the Message box that appears
    5. Click "Work Description" in the upper right to see more information about the selected permit and to confirm the selection. 
    6. Click "Quick Exit"
    7. Click "Quick Exit" again
    8. Click "Disposition" from the Issuance and Disposition box and the subject Building Permit Application information should be auto populated
    9. Click OK in the message box that will appear if this is the correct Application Number
  5. Click "Agency Specific Search" and a list of BOE clearance approvals will show on the screen.  
    1. Clicking "Next Item" or "Previous Item" will guide BOE staff through the various Clearances required for the subject project.
  6. Select "Comment" from the top of the screen
    1. Enter any applicable comments (more information on standard comments can be found in the specific project type documents under Building & Safety Clearances, Technical Procedures, Clearance Summary Worksheet Clearances in the DSPM.
  7. BOE staff to provide a status for each Clearance in the "Status" field
  8. Click "OK to Save and ESC" after complete each Clearance

Printing a Building Permit Application

Sample Building Permit Application Screen ShotBOE staff can print a copy of the Applicants Building Permit Application by completing the following steps:

  1. Steps 1-4 from above
  2. Click "Print from the Windows menu bar
  3. Select "Oracle Report List" from the drop down
  4. Check "Building Permits"
  5. Select "Permit - 1 copy/Final Fees in the Report Description box (this will automatically populate the Report(s) to Print box
  6. Select "To Screen" to review the permit on the screen or ""Print" to get a hard copy print out