05 - Sewer Availability

Revised on 05-21-2021

It is the City Engineer's responsibility to advise an Applicant for a building permit about any applicable fees (Sewer Facility Charge (SFC) fees and BOE Permit required on the subject project. The authority for this responsibility is found in LAMC 64.11.2 through Section 64.22.

Note: BOE created the Customer Service Request (CSR) Portal (located in the Customer Portal) to allow members of the public to make contact with City Staff for questions and/or assistance on any permit or development services related matter.  This includes requesting clearances for building permits.

Processing the BOE Clearance for Sewer Availability

The following is the process of updating the Sewer Availability clearance status on the Clearance Summary Worksheet.  This process is done through the LA Department of Building and Safety's (LADBS) Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) under the module called "Clearances".

BOE staff should verify the following:

  1. Navigate LA Sewer Availability Screen ShotSearch for the property address in NavigateLA
  2. Select the "Advanced Options" icon to choose "Infrastructure - Sewer Information" under the "Show Me" drop down
    1. Sewer is Available (shown on map)
      1. Must be adjacent to the lot (shown in NavigateLA as a green (record of the connection being permitted) or red line (no record or copy of the permitted connection) which indicates a lateral from the mainline.
      2. Confirm the property is within <200 feet from the mainline.   There may be no sewer adjacent to the property or, even if there is, it may not be available for a variety of reasons.  If it's determined the sewer is not physically available, BOE should mark this on the building permit application as well as in PCIS (instructions later on this page) with "Sewer Not Available".  BOE would provide the Applicant with a "Current Sewer Availability," Form (Eng. 3.691). 
      3. If the property is within 200' of an available mainline (Building & Safety policy), verify if a Sewer Capacity Availability Request (SCAR) is required prior to payment of SFC (SCAR requirements can be found in  S-Permit Processing Procedures)

SCAR is Required

If SCAR is required, BOE would complete the SCAR form within the S Permit application and get approval from BOS personnel.  BOE staff should complete the SCAR information per the instructions in the 01 - S-Permit Processing Procedures under S-Permits, Technical Procedures.

SFC & Bonded Sewer

In order to calculate the SFC due, Applicant's will be required to submit plans for the proposed building or buildings. After the SFC has been calculated, the Applicant is given a statement of sewer fees due (Notice of Sewer Availability, Eng. Form 3.691) and the amount due is shown on the building permit application.

BOE staff should complete the SFC & Bonded Sewer information per the instructions in the 01 - S-Permit Processing Procedures under S-Permits, Technical Procedures.

Industrial Waste Clearance Requirements

BOE staff should review the "Description of Work" on the Clearance Summary Worksheet to confirm if an Industrial Waste Clearance is required.  Industrial Waste Clearance is required when liquid and water-carried waste other than domestic sewage (wastewater) is generated from a commercial establishment and is discharged into the City sewer system.  Some examples of facilities that would required Industrial Waste Clearance include:

  • Car Washes 
  • Laundromats
  • Restaurants
  • Spas

BOE staff would direct the Applicant to the Industrial Waste Management Division where the Industrial Waste Clearance can be obtained prior to BOE processing the additional items for the Sewer Availability Clearance, i.e. SFC Certificate.


  1. BOE staff to login to PCIS and complete tasks 1-5 as shown in the document 00 - Clearance Summary Worksheet for Building Permit Application Clearances,  Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) Usage, under Building Permit Clearances, Technical Procedures, Clearance Summary Work Sheet Clearances.
  2. Click the "Comment" box in the upper right side on the screen, BOE to enter any of the following comments, as applicable to the status.  There are typically four scenarios BOE would provide clearance including:
    1. No Sewer Available to the Property:  BOE Staff have determined there is no available sewer located within 200 ft. of the property. If connection to a sewer line is not available, the applicant will need to either build a sewer line or to obtain approval from LADBS for an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS)
      1. Status is changed from "Pending" to "Denied" and place one of the following comments:
        1. Comment - "Property is >200 feet from an available sewer; obtain approval for OWTS"
        2. Comment - "Gravity flow not available; obtain approval for OWTS"
        3. Comment - Property is within 200 feet from an available sewer and customer chooses not to connect"
    2. Property is Connected to the Sewer and There is No Disconnection:  Where the property is already connected to the public sewer and it is determined that SFCs may be required (BOE Staff shall determine/calculate SFCs).  Comments that may be used include:
      1. Comment - "SFC Certificate #" or "No SFCs due" 
      2. Comment - " SFC payment  due" 
      3. Comment - "SCAR Required" (only if applicable) 
    3. Project Requires Construction of Mainline Sewer: BOE staff have determined there is an available sewer within 200 ft. and the Applicant is required to connect to the mainline.   Comments that may be used include:
      1. Comment - "B Permit required" or "BR #
      2. Comment - "Within 200 ft. of sewer"
      3. Comment - "SFC Certificate #" or " SFC payment  due"
      4. Comment - "Sewer Permit (PL Connection) Permit Required"
      5. Comment - "SCAR Required" (only if applicable)
    4. Property Requires Connection to Existing Sewer: If a sewer is physically available to the property, but the property is not already connected to it, a house connections permit is required. The property may or may not be required to pay SFC's and BOE Staff shall make this determination and calculation.  BOE does not determine if connection is required, accept under the Hillside Ordinance.  In general, LADBS has the authority to make the determination whether or not an Applicant has to connect. 
      1. Comment - "Within 200 ft. of sewer"
      2. Comment - "SFC Certificate #" or " SFC payment  due"
      3. Comment - "Sewer Permit (PL Connection) Permit Required" or "Sewer Permit (PL Connection) Permit Required with CCTV" 
      4. Comment - "SCAR Required" (only if applicable) 
  3. Update the "Status" field to one of the following, depending on the scenario above:
    1. Pending - This status means there is more work to be done by the Applicant as BOE can not provide a final approval
    2. Denied - No Sewer available or the Applicant does not want to perform the required conditions
    3. Approved - Applicant has met BOE requirements and no additional BOE permits are required
    4. Approved with Conditions - Applicant has met the initial requirements at the present time, but may have other conditions to meet later in the construction process.  Applicant must complete the conditions in order for Certificate of Occupancy to be granted. For example, B Permit work has been accepted by BCA or PL Connection Permit has been issued.
    5. Approved for Drainage - Not used 
  4. Click "Save Status" (if this is not clicked, the worksheet will not save)