2 - General Conditions & Requirements - A Permits

Revised on 07-21-2020

Permittee Obligations and Requirements

Checklist IconBy accepting an A-Permit, the Permit Applicant and the Owner of the facility for which the permit was obtained agree:

  1. To follow all rules, regulations, special conditions, and code requirements
  2. To assure that their employees, contractors, and subcontractors comply with all rules, regulations, permit conditions, and code requirements
  3. To indemnify the City.


Information Required Before an A-Permit Can be Issued

Before applying for an A-Permit, the permittee should measure the following dimensions at the job site and make notes:Sample A Permit

  1. Linear feet of curb to be constructed
  2. Length and width (square feet) of sidewalk to be constructed

For driveway construction the following additional information shall be furnished:

  1. Height of curb face
  2. Distance from curb face to front edge of existing sidewalk
  3. Width of existing sidewalk
  4. Distance from curb face to front property line
  5. Use of property

Note and show location of existing conditions or obstructions, such as but not limited to:

  • Street lights (within five (5) feet of the top of the “x” slope)
  • Utility poles (within five (5) feet of the job location)
  • Guy wires (within five (5) feet of the job location)
  • Fire hydrants (within five (5) feet of the job location)
  • Utility meter boxes (within five (5) feet of the job location)
  • Storm drain catch basins (within five (5) feet of the job location)
  • Traffic signals (within five (5) feet of the job location)
  • Bus stops (within five (5) feet of the job location)
  • Parking meters (within five (5) feet of the job location)
  • Newsstands (within five (5) feet of the job location)
  • Street trees (within six (6) feet of a driveway apron or within five (5) feet of the job location if no driveway aprons exist)
  • Neighborhood Plans (is this the correct term)
  • Historic zones
  • Other reference materials

This information, along with photographs, will expedite issuance of the permit and inspection of the work)

Additional permits and/or approvals may be required from appropriate departments or agencies to remove or relocate the above obstructions.  Standard Plans covering curbs, sidewalks, driveways, expansion joints, etc. are available online at http://eng2.lacity.org/techdocs/stdplans/index.htm


Safety requirement for A Permits shall be follow the Safety Guidelines for Development Services permits.Safety cone graphic




Public Notification

No public notification is required for an A-Permit. However, as a courtesy, the Permittee is advised to notify neighbors of A-Permit construction work.


Peak Hour Restrictions / Exemptions

Peak hour restrictions and exemptions for A Permits shall follow the Peak Hour Restrictions/Exemptions Guidelines for Development Services permits.