02 - Sidewalks/Curb & Gutter/Curb Drains Construction or Replacement

Revised on 01-10-2024

As of December 2016, the City has a rebate program for residents that can help pay for a portion of the costs to construct a sidewalk.  This program can be found under sidewalks.lacity.org.

Picture of a street

The following is the BOE vetting process that will take place once a completed application is received.  Instructions on how to complete the on-line A-Permit application can be found in this manual under Construction "A" Permits,  Technical Procedures, 01 - Permit Processing Procedures for Construction A-Permits.

  1. Determine reason for new or modified sidewalk.  This determines how the permit will be issued as well as the cost of the permit.
  2. Review NavigateLA to confirm the following:
    1. There are no MapNotes that prevent the A-Permit from being issued.  Contact the appropriate District Office, if necessary.
    2. Examine available plans and aerial photographs (you can also use Google Earth’s Street View)
  3. Request photographs and sketches from the applicant to determine existing conditions, if necessary.
  4. Provide comments or request additional information from the applicant via the on-line application system under the Permit Approval Tab in the “Bureau of Engineering Comments to be Shown and Emailed to Customer” comment box (no comments/information may be required).  Typical comments/requests for information could include:
    1. Discrepancies from the standard plans
      1. Standard Plan S-503-2
      2. Standard Plan S-442-5 
    2. Sizes of pipes being installed through the curb (reference the Standard Plans as well as BOE Standard Specifications Quick Reference Guide)
      1. A drainpipe shall have a minimum of 2-inch clearance from the top of the curb.
  5. Write a descriptive comment of the scope of work to be done in the “REMARKS” line of the A-Permit.   Typical remarks could include:
    1. Repair of broken sidewalks from tree root intrusion for (insert the property type).  Applicant should contact Urban Forestry Division of the Bureau of Street Services prior to any street tree removal or root trimming.
    2. Installation of new curb drains for (insert the property type)
      1. Significant dimensions to consider and obtain from the applicant include (but is not limited to):
        1. Width of sidewalk
        2. Width of parkway
        3. Curb height
        4. Width of gutter