10 - Hollywood Walk of Fame

Revised on 01-09-2020

Hollywood Walk of Fame History WebsiteBackground

  • Only Central District issues the A-Permit
  • A history of the Hollywood Walk of Fame can be found at http://www.walkoffame.com/pages/history.
  • The Hollywood Walk of Fame is administered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and maintained by the self-financing Hollywood Historic Trust.

Request Processing

  1. Confirm an “Accelerated Review Process” letter has been prepared and signed by the District Engineer or their representative.  This letter serves as a Council Report and has a pre-determined format.
  2. Confirm the contractor is the “Authorized Contractor” by the Hollywood Historic Trust (the Trust is authorized by the Hollywood Overhead image of Hollywood Walk of FameChamber of Commerce (HCC) to manage the Walk of Fame)
  3. Verify Star placement and indicate “Star Name” on office hard copies of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Plans/Records
  4. Prepare Council Action, “Accelerated Process Review – E”, based on the information provided in the letter received by email from the (HCC).
  5. Print and have public counter supervisor sign on behalf of District Engineer.
  6. Date stamp (submit date) and scan the original signed Council Action.
  7. Make (2) copies (double sided) of the Council Action and distribute to the following:
    1. Office file (original)
    2. A-Permit Counter (as of 8/2017, Avalyn Kamachi)
    3. Bureau of Street Services
    4. E-mail copy of Council Action to HCC (as of 8/2017, Ana Martinez) at stargirl@hollywoodchamber.net (verify this address is accurate)
  8. Save the documents on the network drive (as of 8/2017, this was the Q Drive) under Hollywood Walk of Fame\ARC's_HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME/Star Recipient Last Name_Star Type.  Documents include:
    1. PDF copies of Accelerated Process Review – E
    2. PDF of the HHC Letter
    3. Star recipient bio
    4. “Board of Directors Minutes” from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
  9. Cover of Guide to Submitting Documents Electronically using NovusAgendaSubmit via NovusAGENDA the original Council Action with signature & date stamp, HCC Letter, Bio, and Minutes (see http://eng2.lacity.org/techdocs/sporders/Index.cfm Special Order No. 04-0315 for instructions)
    1. Changes or Cancellations - Ana Martinez (HCC) will send any correction notices by email. If the changes or cancellation occur after the Council Action has been submitted through NovusAGENDA, call Michael Espinoza, Legislative Assistant for City Clerk (as of 8/2017) and notify him of the changes. Based on the type of change(s), he can advise whether a revision or rescinded “Accelerated Process Review-E” needs to be resubmitted and emailed to him.
  10. Charge for two hours of Special Inspection.