Tract Conditions to Resolve Access and Street Dedication

Revised on 04-17-2020

Email from: Gregg Vandergriff <>
Date: Fri, Mar 6, 2020 at 8:15 AM
Subject: 6304 Allott St - Drainage Easement/Lot on Sunnyslope Ave

DSP Staff, Edmond asked that I distribute this report to staff because of its very unusual nature. Please refer to the address above and examine Navigate LA as well as the Cadastral Map. You may also want to review the originating tract maps.

The future street easement was created by TR 13062 in 1945. The drainage easement was created by a separate lot (29) from TR17401 in 1952 resubdivided lots 13-19.   Between the manner in which the lots were subdivided as well as the original easements created, the property owner for 6304 Alcott - TR 13062 Lot 13 does not have full frontage access to the public right of way. 

The same applies to the southerly adjacent lot. The tract map for the next southerly lot with frontage showing on Sunnyslope is somewhat questionable; however, due to the fact that the map is recorded as is it will likely stand as shown.
The next most lot definitely alludes to the lack of frontage owing to how it is also shaped based upon the lot lines and public right of way.

Note that due to the unusual nature we also crafted two special conditions for the tract to resolve the access and street dedications. Note that the drainage easement and ownership situation prevents us from accepting the future street dedication.

This is for your case files in the event that a similar situation arises and as noted could potentially do so in the near future.