Manual Calculation of SDRF

Revised on 02-22-2022

SDRF Calculation Process

Manual calculation of Street Damage Restoration Fee (SDRF) should be done once Geocoding is complete.  SDRF is applicable to any excavation work on asphalt concrete streets subject to a permit such as an A-Permit, B-Permit, Excavation E-Permit, Excavation U-Permit, and Sewer S-Permits in the Public Right-of-Way. Calculating SDRF for Utility Permits (U-Permits) is an automated process that is completed during the applicants use of the Geocoding module within BOE's Online U-Permit Application System. NOTE:  If the SDRF fee is greater than $5,000, City staff request full payment of SDRF fees prior to issuing the permit rather than the customary billing of the customer after the permit is issued.

In order to manually process SDRF, BOE staff shall do the following:

  1. Open NavigateLA (within the City's Intranet)
  2. Enter the address in the search box
  3. Select the correct or closest address from the list
  4. Close the dialog box
  5. Click on the centerline closest to the project location on the plans
  6. Under "Table of Contents" expose the Bureau of Street Services Layer and confirm the following are checked under "Street Resurfacing Projects".  If the project is located in one of these areas, BOE staff shall determine if the project is exempt from paying SDRF fees per LAMC 62.06.C - Street Damage Restoration Fee, Exemptions.
    1. Proposed Street Resurfacing Projects
    2. Scheduled Proposed Street Resurfacing Projects
  7. In the Report Window box, scroll down to the "Class" field to determine street classification (SE=Select and LO=Local).  If there is no "Class" shown, BOE staff shall use the Local classification. If the subject project is an alley, no SDRF is collected because an alley is not a street.
    1. Determine the fee to use based on LAMC 62.06 - Street Damage Restoration Fee
  8. BOE Staff to determine the square footage of the proposed cut:
    1. SDRF applies to an area that equals the length and width of the excavation cut plus 5 feet on all sides of the excavation. An excavation, for the purpose of this calculation, is only when the soil under the asphalt and base will be disturbed (excavations that only remove the asphalt and base would not be considered an excavation for SDRF purposes). PLEASE NOTE: The additional 5 feet on all sides shall not apply to an excavation where no side exceeds 4 feet in length, or for any excavation for the purpose of repairing an existing sewer lateral.
      1. SDRF calculation for non-rectangular excavations can be calculated in a similar manner as provided above. Example: For circular excavations, SDRF can be obtained by adding 5 feet to the radius of the circle to obtain the area of excavation used in SDRF.
  9. Calculate Fee by multiplying the result of Step 7 by the total of Step 8, i.e. 100sf X $19.44 = $1,944.00.  Make a note of this calculation.
  10. Exit NavigateLA and return to the on-line application
  11. Click Permit Fees from the left menu of the permit application
  12. Insert the “Street Damage Restoration-SDRF” square footage in the field in the Quantity column
  13. Insert the “Street Damage Restoration-SDRF” fee in the field in the “Subtotal” column
  14. Click Update Fees button