04l - Processing Cash and Surety Bonds

Revised on 02-25-2020


BOE staff to complete the following tasks in order to process cash bonds.Bond Spreadsheet Screen Shot

  1. Verify the “Application for Bond Preparation” form is accurate (completed by Permittee)
  2. Complete the “Improvement Cash Bond Receipt” form 
    1. Go to the Bond Control Group Google spreadsheet (LOCATION TO SPREADSHEET) and enter the project information including:
      1. Name of Depositor
      2. Bond Amount
      3. Branch Receipt No.
      4. Request personImprovement Cash Bond Sample Document
      5. District Office
      6. Date
    2. Obtain the Miscellaneous Cash Bond No. from the Bond Control Group Google spreadsheet and place on the “Improvement Cash Bond Receipt” form
  3. Process the cash bond payment and bond preparation fee payment with cashier (cashier will mail a copy to the Bond Control Group in the Valley District office)
  4. The following documents are to be uploaded:
    1. Application for Bond Preparation
    2. Improvement Cash Bond Receipt
    3. General Bond Preparation Form / Receipt
  5. Provide the Permittee with a copy of the receipt
  6. Click Add Misc. Cash Bond on the right side of the screen
    1. Misc. Cash Bond No.:  Enter the number shown on the Bond Control Group Google spreadsheet
    2. Receipt Number:  Enter the number from the upper right corner of the “Improvement Cash Bond Receipt”
    3. Actual Bond Amount    
    4. Date Application Received    
    5. Date Bond Forms Prepared    E Permit Bond Section Screen Shot
    6. Project Location (Title)    
    7. Principal    
    8. Principal Address    
    9. City    
    10. State    
    11. Zip Code    
    12. Phone






Alan wants to Bond Processing Team to Complete.  This section may already be documented in the General Section