3 - Cancellations and Refunds - Water Course Disruption Permits

Revised on 05-13-2021


A Water Course Disruption Permit can only be canceled upon written request by the applicant.  

Procedure to Process a Claim for Refund (CFR)

BOE staff shall process the claim for refund per the Claim for Refund Processing Guidelines.  Refunds for Water Course Disruption Permit happen when an application is withdrawn or cancelled, any unused monies would be refunded to the Applicant minus any fees to cover City staff time. If a work order was opened by BOE staff, BOE would close the work order by submitting the work order closure request.  Any remaining monies in the account would be refunded. Once the work order is closed/cancelled City staff would update the information in the on-line Water Course Disruption Permit application.  Information documented should include the date of cancellation, reason, and proof that Building & Safety has been notified of the cancellation.  A copy of all the documents received on the application are uploaded and/or filed.