3 - B Permit Cancellations and Refunds

Revised on 02-10-2023


Bookmark Cancellation IconPer LAMC 62.114 - Duration - Expiration - Cancellation, all "B" Permits issued under the provisions of LAMC 62.105 to LAMC 62.116, inclusive, shall expire and be cancelled six (6) months after the date of their issue, unless sooner requested by the permittee and unless actual construction of the work authorized by the permit has been commenced prior to the expiration of the six (6) month period (Permits issued during the COVID-19 pandemic are subject to different requirements).  Currently, BOE does not cancel permits that are in the plan check phase.

All "B" Permits shall expire and be cancelled sixty (60) days after the date on which actual construction of the work was commenced, unless a longer construction period is specified in the permit, in which case such permit shall expire at the end of the longer construction period specified therein. The Board may extend the time for the starting or the completion of the work, upon good and sufficient cause being shown therefor by the permittee, and such extension shall not be deemed to release any surety or any bond posted pursuant to LAMC 62.111Permits issued during the COVID-19 pandemic are subject to different requirements.

The permits issued for any work in streets designated by the Board as important traffic arteries shall contain a completion date specified by the City Engineer in the permit and the permittee shall complete the work within the time specified in said permit. 

In the event the permit is revoked, canceled or expires, the City shall retain a portion of the permit fee to defray administrative costs in an amount determined and adopted in the same manner as provided in LAMC 12.37-I.1 for establishing fees.  If the work authorized by a permit is commenced, it must be prosecuted diligently to completion.

To cancel a "B" Permit, the Permittee shall contact the District Office from which the permit was issued via  BOE's Customer Service Portal, Customer Service Request.  Please provide the following to the appropriate District office: 

  1. Written request for cancellation or withdrawal of the "B" Permit
  2. The "B" Permit Number


Dollars IconRefunds for B Permits happen when an application is withdrawn or cancelled, any unused monies would be refunded to the Applicant minus any fees to cover City staff time expended on the permit.  

For all B Permits, a work order is opened by BOE staff.  BOE would need to cancel the work order by submitting the work order closure request per the BOE guidelines for Work Order Close-out / Cancellation.  Any monies owed would be refunded to the Applicant.  

Once the work order is closed/cancelled City staff would update the information in the on-line B Permit application.  Information documented should include:

  • Date of cancellation
  • Reason for the cancellation
  • Proof that all other departments and Bureaus have been notified of the cancellation

A copy of all the documents received on the application are uploaded and/or filed.