13 - Drainage to Storm Drains

Revised on 05-21-2021

This process is the means by which BOE reviews and approves proposed methods of draining into a storm drain easement (regardless of who owns the easement, City, LACFCD, Caltrans, etc.).  

Note: BOE created the Customer Service Request (CSR) Portal (located in the Customer Portal) to allow members of the public to make contact with City Staff for questions and/or assistance on any permit or development services related matter.  This includes requesting clearances for building permits.


When processing the is Clearance, BOE staff must first determine if the LADBS permit application is for a building permit or a grading permit.  BOE will process this Clearance different for each permit.

Processing the BOE Clearance for Drainage to Storm Drains

  1. BOE to request a copy of the Building Permit Application for the subject project.  If the Applicant can't provide a copy, BOE staff can login to PCIS, Clearance and print a copy of the Building Permit Application (see Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) Usage instructions, under Printing a Building Permit Application).  Review the Building Permit Application for:Cadastral Map Screen Shot from NavigateLA
  2. Go to NavigateLA and search for the street address to identify applicable "drainage" easements tied to the property
    1. Select "Advanced Options" from the top menu
    2. Select "Show Me" from the Advanced option box
    3. Select "Infrastructure - Storm Drains" from the list
    4. Click on the subject property on the map
    5. In the Report Window, select "Cadastral Map" to verify ownership of the drainage easement, i.e., City-owned, LACFCD, Caltrans, etc.
  3. BOE staff to login to PCIS and complete tasks 1-5 as shown in the document 00 - Clearance Summary Worksheet for Building Permit Application Clearances,  Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) Usage, under Building Permit Clearances, Technical Procedures, Clearance Summary Work Sheet Clearances.
  4. Applicant to provide a copy of the approved plans provided to LADBS
    1. For work within the City's Drainage easement, BOE staff shall review the plans to confirm the connection is adequate and acceptable to BOE (engineering judgement).  If BOE staff doesn't approve the Applicant's plan for drainage, the Applicant would be required to modify their engineering plans and resubmit to BOE.  Plans should reflect proposed solution for draining into the easement.
    2. If the easement is owned by others outside the City of LA (LACFCD, Caltrans, etc.), Applicant to provide to BOE staff a copy of the issued permit by "others" showing allowed connection to their facility.
      1. If the Applicant does not have an issued permit, BOE staff shall leave the Clearance Item as "Pending" (see below for instructions) 
  5. Click the "Comment" box in the upper right side on the screen
    1. Sample Comment #1:  Storm Drain Connection Permit required for subject project
  6. Change status to one of the following based on the description of work proposed:
    1. Pending - Used if the Applicant is required to make changes to their engineering plans
    2. Denied - Used when the Applicants solution is not acceptable to BOE
    3. Approved - Used when Applicant does not required a Storm Drain Connection permit and appropriate fees have been paid. 
    4. Approved with Conditions - Used when the proposed drainage solution is acceptable to either BOE to "other related outside agencies" and the Applicant is required to obtain a Storm Drain Connection permit or a valid permit from the applicable "outside agency" permit.
    5. Approved for Drainage - Not used
  7. Click "Save Status" (if this is not clicked, the worksheet will not save)