14 - Miscellaneous Approval(s)

Revised on 06-03-2024

Per LAMC 91.109.3 - Issuance of Certificates, the City Engineer is authorized to review and provide BOE Clearances for LADBS building permit applications. This category is used when LADBS is asking BOE to verify a specific condition or requirements that does not fall into the standard categories in the LADBS Building Permit Clearance Handbook.

Note: BOE created the Customer Service Request (CSR) Portal to allow members of the public to make contact with City Staff for questions and/or assistance on any permit or development services related matter.  This includes requesting clearances for building permits.



BOE staff will need to verify the following, at a minimum:

  1. Is the clearance applicable to the specific project
  2. Does satisfying the clearance require issuance of BOE permits or fees?

BOE to request a copy of the Building Permit Application for the subject project.  If the Applicant can't provide a copy, BOE staff can login to PCIS, Clearance and print a copy of the Building Permit Application (see Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) Usage instructions, under Printing a Building Permit Application).  Review the Building Permit Application for:

  1. Go to NavigateLA and search the subject property address and verify if the project requirements can be reviewed:
  2. BOE staff to login to PCIS and complete the following (additional instructions can also be found in the "Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) Usage document in this manual.
  3. Click "Save Status" (if this is not clicked, the worksheet will not save)
  4. Change status to one of the following based on the description of work proposed:
    1. Not Required - Not used 
    2. Exempt - Not used
    3. Approved for Drainage - Not used
    4. Approved with Conditions - Used when the Applicant is required to complete work under a BOE permit (A, B, E, S, R)
    5. Approved - Used when no further actions are required from the Applicant or if the only action is to pay appropriate fees prior to Building Permit issuance
    6. Denied - Used as applicable
    7. Pending - Used when the Applicant has not satisfied the conditions of the Clearance
  5. Within PCIS click the "Comment" box in the upper right side on the screen.