05 - Street Trees

Revised on 07-14-2020

An “A” Picture of street lined with palm treesPermit for Street Trees is required for the installation of a tree in the public right of way.  An additional permit from the Bureau of Street Services, Urban Forestry Division may be required to either remove, prune, or trim the roots of a tree. This Bureau of Street Services, Urban Forestry Division is located at 1149 S. Broadway, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, Phone: 213-847-3077.  If an applicant removes trees and decides not to replant, Applicants will be required to pay a special fee per LAMC 62.177 - Establishment of Tree Replacement and Planting In-Lieu Fee.

The following is the BOE vetting process that will take place once a completed application is received.  Instructions on how to complete the on-line A-Permit application can be found in this manual under Construction "A" Permits,  Technical Procedures, 01 - Permit Processing Procedures for Construction A-Permits.


  1. Determine if this permit is an A or B. “A” Permit projects are not generally part of a large development of project.  For example, a large development project where tree installation is part of a larger project and requirements.  If trees are required as a condition of a Planning Case, the Urban Forestry Division of the Bureau of Street Services will let the B-Permit group know of their requirements regarding the number, size and location of trees to be planted.  Another example of a “B” Permit project would be if the scope of work included a street widening or other major street improvements where the installation of street tress would be included as part of the project
    1. B-Permit group will determine if a B-Permit is needed to complete the job.  If not they will direct the applicant to the A-Permit counter
    2. B-Permit group will prepare a Municipal Cash Bond (MCB) or instruct the applicant on how to process a Surety bond.
    3. B-Permit group will prepare a Condition Clearance Letter for the Land Development Group.
  2. If an “A” Permit, the following are required in order to start the A Permit application:
    1. Permittee will need to have an approved Surety Bond or Cash bond in hand, in order to pay for maintenance fees of each tree
      1. BOE may be asked to provide an estimate to the Applicant in order for the Applicant o obtain a surety bond.  This is done through the "Fee Estimate" tab on the left menu (directions for this process are located in the Permit Processing Procedures for A Permits document)
    2. A fee for each tree well will also be added to the permit if the trees are to be planted in the sidewalk (public right-of-way)
    3. BOE staff to enter the Bond # in the remarks section of the application
    4. Applicant will be required to pay for the permit fee and the cash bond (if not a surety) prior to issuance of the A-Permit
    5. BOE staff shall send a copy of the of the A-Permit to BSS, Urban Forestry.
  3. If the permit is part of the "City Plants" program, then only the Basic Fee and surcharges are collected.  In addition, the following is required:
    1. Use a central address near the middle of the project.
    2. Indicate on the Permit this is for “City Plants”.
    3. Inspection is by Bureau of Street Services Urban Forestry Division.
    4. Indicate the number of tree wells to be installed but waive fees.
    5. Change inspection contact to Urban Forestry Division.