06 - Parklets

Revised on 02-14-2024

A parklet is an expansion of the sidewalk into one or more on-street parking spaces to create people-oriented places. Picture of the Parklet Application ManualParklets introduce new streetscape features such as seating, planting, bicycle parking, or elements of play. Parklets encourage pedestrian activity by offering these human-scale “eddies in the stream,” which is especially beneficial in areas that lack sufficient sidewalk width or access to public space.

LADOT has prepared the following documents for parklets (current as of October 2017), all of which can be downloaded from http://peoplest.lacity.org/parklet/

  1. LADOT Parklet Application Manual
  2. LADOT Parklet Kit of Parts
  3. LADOT Parklet Technical Appendix


Because much of the upfront work is completed with LADOT, the A-Permit process is streamlined.Picture of the Parklet Technical Appendix

Completing the Application

Community Partner may submit an on-line application or come to the counter to complete the application

  • Confirm there is a signed copy of the MOU between LADOT and the Community partner.  Picture of the Parklet Kit of PartsUpload this document to your file. 
  • Community Partner to pay for the A Permit.  The A-Permit fees include the inspection of the parklet “connections” to the pavement, curb, gutter or sidewalk.
  • Community Partner to schedule inspection

    Screen shot of community partner application description