08 - Speed Humps

Revised on 05-17-2019

Picture of speed humps warningSpeed Humps are processed, reviewed, and evaluated by LADOT.  LADOT has specific criteria and evaluation guideline for Speed Humps per the Speed Hump Program that was originally adopted by the City in 1994 (CF: 04-1281-S2) and lasted for 15 years. 

This criteria can be found at City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation SPEED HUMP EVALUATION GUIDELINES

The following is the process the LADOT approved contractor goes through to obtain an “A” Permit. 

  1. The LADOT approved contractor applies for a Class “A” Permit for the installation of speed humps in locations that have been approved.
  2. The LADOT approved contractor inputs all the data including:
    1. A work description that details the number and type of hump to be installed using the internet application.
    2. A sketch depicting the location of the proposed speed hump
  3. The permit fee is based on three hours of special inspection per speed hump to be installed plus the basic fee and surcharges.
  4. The LADOT approved contractor pays all fees due.
  5. Permits are processed as if the applicant is present with their copies to be picked up by the LADOT approved contractor personnel.