13 - Liability Insurance Requirements

Revised on 09-05-2023

The following is the procedure Applicants must follow in order to provide proof of liability insurance for permit processing.

  1. Applicant shall uploaded to KwikComply (City’s automated system for insurance risk management) at https://kwikcomply.org/ proof of liability insurance.  The amount of the insurance policy is determined by the BOE and/or the Board of Public Works and is based on the work being performed.  BOE staff would enter this amount in the box for the Applicant.  

    Permit holders must retain proof of insurance on file with BOE for as long as the encroachment exists, this is not a permit used for the construction period only. Note:  The Board of Public Works office will send an email reminding the Applicant and/or Insurance Carrier to provide updated insurance information on an annual basis.  Permit related questions should be made to applicable Permit staff at the appropriate District office, not Risk Management.
    1. Requirements for Permits issued to Non-Residential (commercial) Applicants include:  
      1. Required General Liability limits - Minimum of $1 million dollars ($2 million Aggregate)
      2. A (30) thirty-day written cancellation notice (10 days for non-payment)
      3. The City of Los Angeles must be the Certificate holder
      4. The City of Los Angeles must be named as Additional Insured on the certificate
      5. Include the BOE permit application reference number, the site address or location, and the reason for the encroachment
    2. Requirements for Permits issued to Residential (non-commercial and generally R-Permit) Applicants include:  
      1. Submission of the home owner's declaration page (City of Los Angeles does NOT need to be named as additional insured)
      2. Required Personal Liability limit - Minimum of $300,000
      3. Include the BOE permit application reference number, the site address or location, and the reason for the encroachment
    3. KwikComply will assign the Applicant a Certificate Approval (CA) number through an email confirmation.  This number should be provided to BOE Permit staff.
    4. Applicants can email questions to BOE staff working on their permit.  Questions about KwikComply should be directed to Risk Management (information provided on the KwikComply site)

Updating Liability Insurance

Applicants are responsible for updating all Liability Insurance certificates within the KwikComply system.  The Applicant will be required to submit the following information to their respective Plan Checker or appropriate District office.

  1. Applicant will upload new certificates to KwikComply, per their instructions
  2. KwikComply will send the Applicant an approval email once the information has been reviewed and approved
  3. Applicant shall send an email to their respective Plan Checker with the following information.  If the Applicant does not have an established Plan Checker, please submit a request through the City’s Customer Service Portal at (https://engpermits.lacity.org/public/control.cfm?action=services) and under “Customer Service Request” click “Online Services Available”.  You will then be at the Customer Service Request page where you can start a “New Request” from the top menu bar.
    1. Approval number provided by KwikComply to the Applicant
    2. Referenced Permit # (for "B" Permits, the owner of the "B" Permit needs to be listed as the insured or additional insured)