14 - Public Way Reservation System (PWRS)

Revised on 08-22-2022

Public Way Reservation System (PWRS)

Public Way Reservation System ScreenshotPer LAMC  62.61.1 PWRS is the place where all activities in the public ROW are shown in a report and map format with the goal of improving coordination of construction activities and other encroachments, reducing related effects on businesses and residents and minimizing the loss of traffic capacity resulting from construction or maintenance (including rail, utility, private development, street improvement, street maintenance, location filming and still photo shoots), or any other activity within the street.

This step needs to be done immediately before issuing the permit to avoid conflicts.  If done too far in advance, there is a potential timing conflict or a new activity was added to the system.  

  1. Click on Public Way Reservation System on the left menu (geocoding must happen first)
  2. Click the applicable “Location” on left menu
  3. Select a radius from the drop down menu to review all the reservations in the area which you are searching
  4. Click View Report
  5. CRITICAL - Review the report for current and potential conflicts and notify the customer of these conflicts
  6. Print/Export to a PDF (shortcut button on top left/middle)
  7. Save the PDF to the appropriate place
  8. Upload the PWRS Report to the application in the Excavation U Permit database
  9. Go back to the first page of the PWRS site and deselect all items on the map
  10. Click the “Print Map” icon and print a PDF file the appropriate size (24x36 is standard)
  11. Save the PDF to the appropriate place
  12. Upload the PWRS Map to the application in the Excavation U Permit database.