Street, Lane, and Sidewalk (SLS) Closures Pilot Program

Revised on 06-12-2024

On February 9, 2021 (CF 20-1469), City Council adopted a report from the Public Works Committee that instructed Department of Transportation (LADOT), in coordination with Bureau of Engineering (BOE) and Bureau of Street Services (BSS), to develop protocols for Street, Lane, and Sidewalk (SLS) Closures that ensure pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular detours and impacts are minimized during all construction projects.

On October 20, 2021, LADOT provided a report back to City Council recommending a pilot program in high construction areas, such as Downtown and Hollywood, in order to determine the resources and improvements needed to support this task Citywide. This pilot program is slated to begin in January 2024 and will collect data from a predetermined area within Downtown for a minimum duration of 6 months. The predetermined area may expand during this pilot program.

Andres to provide PWRS info


Customer Procedures

  1. Upon receiving a Customer Service Request (CSR) with the SLS Closures Authorization Request Form, Customer to complete the form and submit through the CSR request that was generated by City Staff.

District Office (DO) Procedures

  1. Once a permit application has been received, check NavigateLA if permit falls within the SLS Closures Pilot area (Under 'Street Information', 'Restricted Areas', 'SLS Closures Pilot')

  2. If permit falls within the SLS Closures area, click on 'SLS Closures' on the left within the permitting system. 
    1. DO Staff to populate the blue cells within spreadsheet (Job Address, Permit Type, Permit Application Reference Number, and Agency). 
    2. DO Staff to proceed with permit application review but will not be able to issue the permit until next step.
  3. DO Staff to review permit information once a CSR has been reassigned (see below) and issue permit with the approved construction dates displayed on the final permit.
    1. U permits will not be utilizing the CSR and DO Staff should review spreadsheet for the approval and that the dates are still current prior to issuing the permit.

Permit Case Management (PCM) Procedures

  1. Staff to check spreadsheet on a daily basis for new entries.
  2. Staff to create CSR for Applicant on new entries in the spreadsheet and provide link to this page and the form to be filled by Applicant.
    1. Note: If project is a U permit, Staff to skip CSR creation and move to the next step. Denial of dates will require Staff to notify DO Staff for further coordination.
  3. Once the CSR has been returned by Applicant with the completed form, Staff to check the following:
    1.  Check issued permits in the area within NavigateLA to see if there is a conflict with proposed construction dates. 
      1. If there is a conflict, Staff to respond to CSR that the application is denied and proceed to coordinate between all parties for dates that would work.
    2. Check if there is Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Project that may conflict with the proposed work. If so, contact the CIP Project Manager/Engineer and send the Applicant's sketch and proposed construction dates to determine if there is a conflict. 
      1. If there is a conflict, Staff to respond to CSR that the application is denied and proceed to coordinate between all parties for dates that would work.
  4. Staff to complete the magenta cells in the spreadsheet once construction dates are acceptable, indicate approved construction dates within CSR and reassign to CEN.

Revised Construction Date Procedures

  1. If a supplemental is necessary due to dates that have passed, Applicant to respond to original CSR (may need DO Staff to reassign to PCM).
  2. PCM Staff to follow PCM Procedures above.