12 - Pedestrian Bridges

Revised on 05-28-2020

A pedestrian bridge is a bridge designed only to handle pedestrian traffic.  For the purpose of this manual, these bridges are constructed over the public right-of-way and an applicant is granted access to build within the public right-of-way.  Because the pedestrian bridges abuts private property, the permitting process originates in the Building and Safety Department and BOE provides the approval and permit for a portion of the bridge to be placed over the public right-of-way. 

Approval of this type of Revocable Permit should not be granted at the BOE staff or management level and always requires Board and/or Council Approval.  The reason each permit application requires Board and/or Council Approval is because there are no municipal codes or ordinances that allow for this condition.


Once an application has been submitted, staff should confirm the following items have been received and/or processed through the proper departments. 

  1. Board Approval (required staff to prepare a Board Report)
  2. Proof of satisfactory insurance coverage
  3. Copy of the deed
  4. Fees paid – Always Tier 3
  5. Waiver of Damages
  6. Photographs of the encroachment area
  7. Confirm the proposed location is in the public right-of-way
  8. Confirm the position of the appropriate Council District office has been received.
  9. Stamped engineering plans
    1. The bridge shall be designed, such that, the encroaching portion of the bridge structure may be removed if the R-Permit is revoked without making it non-compliant with the building requirements.
  10. Plans have been reviewed by a licensed Civil or Structural Engineer within BOE. 
  11. Written approval from Cultural Affairs for the encroaching portion of the building (aesthetically consistent with the look of the surrounding neighborhood/area).
  12. Written approval from the Street Improvement Group confirming that a street widening project is not proposed in the near future.  BOE Staff can also look at the 5-Year Capital Improvement Program.


Staff should prepare a Board Report, in the approved Board Report format, which will be forwarded to Council for approval.  This report needs to include all technical information and conditions based on the proposed encroachment as well as the engineered plans.