2 - General Conditions & Requirements for Permittees – Storm Drain “SD” Permits

Revised on 02-09-2021

By accepting an SD-Permit, the Applicant agrees to: 

  1. Follow all rules, regulations, special conditions, and code requirements
  2. Assure that their employees, contractors, and subcontractors comply with all rules, regulations, permit conditions, and code requirements
  3. Indemnify the City 


The SD Permit can only be issued to a bonded sewer contractor on the Bonded Sewer Contractor list.

If an Applicant wants to connect to the storm drain system, the following may be required.  Applicant can also reference City of LA Standard Plans for Storm Drain Design for additional information and design requirements.  

  • Site Plan with detailed sketch of the scope of work and how the connection will be made
  • Identification of what exactly is being discharged into the storm drain system (may trigger additional requirements and fees including:
    • Unallowable discharges, per LAMC 64.70.02 and LAMC 64.70.03, will require an NPDES permit from the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB 
  • Traffic control plan, if applicable



Safety requirement for permits shall follow the Safety Guidelines for Development Services permits.

Peak Hour Restrictions

Peak hour restrictions and exemptions for permits shall follow the Peak Hour Restrictions/Exemptions Guidelines for Development Services permits.