17 - Watercourse (Pending)

Revised on 06-18-2020

PCM is currently reviewing Water Course Disruption Permit requirements.

Applications for building permits filed with LADBS are checked to determine if a project within in a Watercourse and if a Watercourse Disruption Permit is required.  All cases of actual or possible encroachment into a Watercourse are referred to BOE for review.  

Codes and regulations that govern this process include but are not limited to:

Processing Building & Safety Clearances

The goal of this procedure is to provide Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) customers with an early acknowledgment that their project may require Bureau of Engineering (BOE) review for impacts to watercourses.  Encroachments that require approval by BOE may also require the applicant to obtain a BOE Watercourse Disruption Permit prior to BOE clearing the item in PCIS.   

If the subject project is located within a watercourse, the Applicant may be required to obtain a Watercourse Disruption Permit from BOE.  In general

BOE staff should verify/collect the following based on the scope of work of the project: 

  1. BOE to request a copy of the Building Permit Application for the subject project.  If the Applicant can't provide a copy, BOE staff can login to PCIS, Clearance and print a copy of the Building Permit Application (see Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) Usage instructions, under Printing a Building Permit Application).  Review the Building Permit Application for:
    1. Copy of the plans submitted to LADBS  to determine if the subject project is located within a watercourse.  Review the W Permit Technical Procedures Section of this manual to determine project specific requirements.Parcel Profile Report Area Screen Shot
  2. Go to NavigateLA! and click the "Show Table of Contents" button in the upper right side of the screen
    1. Type Watercourse in the Table of Contents search box
      1. Confirm Watercourses is checked 
    2. Type in the address in the search field in the upper right of the screen
      1. Open the Parcel Profile Report and under the "Additional Information" section confirm whether or not the subject property is in the Watercourse
    3. Review any MapNotes to identify any previous concerns with the subject project
  3. BOE staff to login to PCIS and complete tasks 1-5 as shown in the document 00 - Clearance Summary Worksheet for Building Permit Application Clearances,  Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) Usage, under Building Permit Clearances, Technical Procedures, Clearance Summary Work Sheet Clearances.
    1. Confirm Watercourse is listed in the Condition / Clearance Name field 
      1. Click the "Comment" box in the upper right side on the screen
        1. Comments should provide information to LADBS as well as the District Office who will issue the Watercourse Disruption Permit 
          1. Sample Comment 1 - Watercourse Disruption Permit must be issued prior to C of O
          2. Sample Comment 2 - Watercourse Disruption Permit #
  4. Update the "Status" field to one of the following:
    1. Pending - Applicant has not paid for the Watercourse Disruption Permit
    2. Denied - Applicant will NOT apply for an Watercourse Disruption Permit and one is required
    3. Approved Applicant has provided proof of an issued Watercourse Disruption Permit 
    4. Approved with Conditions - Applicant can show proof of applying and paying for a Watercourse Disruption Permit but no permit has been issued
    5. Approved for Drainage - Not used
    6. Exempt - Not used
    7. Not Required - BOE has determined the proposed project is not located within a watercourse
  5. Click "Save Status" (if this is not clicked, the worksheet will not save)