Excavation E Bond Release Processing Guidelines

Revised on 08-10-2023

Bond Release Procedures

Lateral support bond, soilboring/potholing/monitoring well/ street light relocation E-permit bonds can be released upon E-permit cancellation or E-permit close out.

Type of E-permitBond release requirements
Monitoring WellsAfter BCA final inspection of A-permit for abandon wells and E-permit for original well installations
Soil Boring/Potholing/street light relocation/ Private ConduitsAfter BCA final inspection
Lateral Support2 years after BCA final inspection of E-permit


  1. Owner to provide E-permit staff the written request for bond release to the District Office
  2. Verify E-permit and the associated A-permit (if any) are BCA final, and the period of bond withhold time is reached per above table
  3. Verify no deficiencies in all work orders (if any work order opened)
  4. Prepare bond release request letter for E-permit manager to review and approve
  5. Submit a request through the Customer Service Request (CSR) Portal with the following parameters:
    1. Agency: Bureau of Engineering
    2. My request relates to (Service): Bond Control
    3. Send my request to (Location): Permit Case Management (PCM)
  6. BOE Bond Control section will review the request per the instructions under "04a Bond Processing", "Releasing a Bond"
  7. BOE Bond Control section will notify the appropriate parties (depends on if the bond is a Surety or Cash Bond) about the status of the bond release

Sample of Cash Bond Release Letter











Sample of Surety Bond Release Letter













Work Order Close Out

E-permit Work Orders can be closed out upon final inspection of E-permit or E-permit Cancellation.

  1. E-permit staff to verify there are no deficiencies in all work orders and project is final inspection by BCA prior to work order closeout.
  2. Prepare work order closeout request form to Work Order Unit (See attached sample. Use separate forms for regular work order and expedited work order)
  3. Email forms to eng.WorkOrders@lacity.org and grey mail wet signed copy to Work Order Unit, Mail Stop#490

Sample Department of Public Works BOE Project Closeout Form