16 - Permitting within the State Highway (Caltrans Right-of-Way)

Revised on 01-29-2024

The City of Los Angeles generally own and maintain the public right-of-way for streets that are within the City limits. However, certain streets are classified as State Highways and are owned and maintained by Caltrans. Since the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) only gives the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) jurisdiction to issue permits within its limits, BOE will generally not issue permits within Caltrans right-of-way. However, there are certain circumstances that would warrant for BOE to issue certain permits that are outlined below.

Determining if a Project is within a State Highway

  1. Within NavigateLA confirm the following:
    1. Within "Table of Contents", verify that the "Street Information" and "TBM State Highways" boxes are checked.
    2. If the centerline of the street has a lime green highlight, this street is classified as a "State Highway".

Process for Construction Activities within a State Highway

When construction is necessary along a State Highway, an encroachment permit for Caltrans will be necessary. This would include all construction activities including driveways, curb/gutter construction, ADA ramps, excavations due to sewer laterals, installation of street lighting, and landscaping elements.  In addition to the encroachment permit, BOE would require construction permits to install City maintained infrastructure or to connect to City infrastructure. Additionally, BOE also executes Caltrans Landscape Maintenance Agreements (LMA) for installation of landscaping within State Highways.

The guidelines below provide guidelines on City processes within State Highways:

  1. Highway Dedication - BOE Staff will be collecting the R3 investigation fees in addition to dedication fees, if applicable.
    1. BOE Staff to contact Caltrans Planning to confirm the dedication requirements for that street. Christine to verify
      Note: BOE Staff cannot ask for more dedication than the 2035 Mobility Plan allows.
  2. Only the following BOE permits should be issued in conjunction with an encroachment permit:
    1. S Permit - All BOE rules for the S Permit process should be followed. The S Permit should not be issued until an encroachment permit is obtained.
    2. SD Permit - All BOE rules for the SD Permit process should be followed provided it is connecting to a City owned catch basin or mainline. The SD Permit should not be issued until an encroachment permit is obtained.
    3. B Permit - A B Permit would be necessary to record the installation of City owned infrastructure only. This includes street lights, traffic signals, catch basins, sewer and/or storm drain main lines, or other City owned infrastructure. If a B-permit requires a guarantee of improvements (Bond), a Bond or a Letter of Confirmation from Caltrans is required.
    4. R Permit - An R Permit would only be necessary to process a Caltrans Landscape Maintenance Agreements (LMA)
    5. E Permit - An E Permit would only be necessary when there are City owned infrastructure (ie sewer, storm drain) located within the State Highway and the Caltrans approved shoring plan will be reviewed by BOE staff to verify no damage to infrastructure will occur.