Caltrans Landscape Maintenance Agreements (LMA)

Revised on 03-30-2021

If an Applicant wants to install trees or landscaping within the Caltrans right of way, the following is required.  Please note, once the City of LA initiates this process, the owner of the property will need to initiate an R Permit for billings to draft a board report as the Board of Public Works will need to sign the LMA. Please let me know if you have any questions

  1. Apply for a BOE Revocable Permit
  2. Pay a Tier 3  initial deposit of $3,000
  3. Contact email and phone number at Caltrans responsible for the subject LMA
  4. If applicable, a copy of the Caltrans LMA or draft LMA (may be provided by Caltrans to BOE on behalf of the Applicant)
  5. Documents detailing what is required for the landscaping to be installed (should be uploaded or emailed to BOE)
  6. Copy of the Caltrans encroachment permit (of a draft copy if not approved yet)