As-Built Plan Processing

Revised on 06-22-2020

In practice, As-Built drawings should be submitted to the District office having permit jurisdiction over the area in which the work was performed. City staff will compare the As-Builts submitted by the applicant with any approved changes that took place during construction.  As-Built plans should be saved with the original plans.  All conditions should be documented and incorporated into the City’s Substructure Maps. 

LAMC Section 62.03(e) requires any “person owning, using, controlling or having an interest in any subsurface installation, other than a service connection, in any public street shall file with the City Engineer within 60 days after the completing of such installation, a corrected set of maps or atlas sheets showing the installation. Such map shall be drawn to a scale of not more than 200 feet to the inch.”

In the event such subsurface installation is for the purpose of carrying an unstable substance, as-built plans and profiles, showing the location, depth and size of the completed installation, in a manner acceptable to the City Engineer, shall also be submitted within said 60-day period.

Whenever such subsurface installation in a public street or sidewalk is abandoned or the use thereof is discontinued, the person owning, using, controlling or having an interest therein shall, within 60 days after such abandonment, file with the City Engineer a map showing in detail the location of the abandoned installation.

In addition, LAMC 62.02(c)1 states that plans are required for any excavation made or facility installed and shall be located in strict conformance with the location shown on the plan.